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Francis Shattuck

2108 Shattuck

This project involved a total renovation of the Francis K. Shattuck Building, at the corner of Shattuck Avenue and Addison Street. This historic 1901 building was downtown Berkeley's first major 3-story brick building. During its 100-year life, it had been severely altered and stripped of its historic beauty and detailing. It had lost its corner turret, its cornice and its original storefronts. 

The remodeling required 3 steel frames and two gunite walls to seismically brace it to modern building code standards.  The building was essentially hollowed out; reduced to exterior walls and floor joists.  Upon completion, the remodeling added nearly 20,000 square feet in fourth floor and courtyard additions, to make a 54,000 square feet building.  The ground floor houses retail outlets, while the second, third, and fourth floors are utilized for office space.                   

With its brightly painted and elegantly decorated turret now out in the open for all to see, the Francis K. Shattuck Building has regained its earlier form. 
















2108 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Ca.



















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