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KC Bowman
Project Manager & Designer
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KC Bowman has been a Project Manager and Designer with The Bay Architects since November 2004.  He has primarily worked on multi-family residential projects and building code / accessibility improvements to existing buildings.


One project most related to the Eldridge Gonaway Commons Rehabilitation Project is his extensive work for the Bay Area Housing Plan. Working for the Hallmark Community Services, he programmed, space planned, and assembled construction drawings for the remodeling of ten single family homes for their use as affordable, community-based care housing for the developmentally disabled. Through this experience, he has become well-versed in residential construction rehabilitation and accessibility requirements for the R2.1.1.Occupancies and Type V Construction.


Mr. Bowman has also helped design and manage several multi-family residential projects, including Stadium Place, a 74-unit mixed use building in downtown Berkeley, and The Telegraph, a 15-unit condominium building along Telegraph Avenue. Each project was designed with accessible units. These projects required extensive design review and community outreach to obtain their zoning entitlements.


Before joining The Bay Architects, Mr. Bowman worked for the City of Oakland Public Works Agency for seven years. As an engineer and project manager, he prepared and delivered project presentations at meetings with community groups. He was also a team member for the Service Delivery System (SDS) and addressed public safety and quality-of-life issues with community groups in their neighborhoods. The SDS teams received intensive training on the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and provided a single point of contact for residents in order to foster community-oriented governance and crime prevention. He has implemented CPTED design elements in all of his engineering and architectural projects, including the principles of natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement and natural access control.


Mr. Bowman is a 1991 graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.


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